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We are firm believers that when you surround yourself with the best, you become the best. Here at MOCO it is our goal to help you become the best versions of yourself and grow your business. By leveraging each others strengths and working together as a community we all WIN! We offer networking events to get to know your neighbors and community members, spotlight features to promote you and your business, and encourage business amongst our members to enhance the growth opportunities for us all! 

Come join us, whether it be a pop-in for the day, becoming a member who sets up shop in our community space, or leasing one of our 15 private offices we're confident that you will be able to establish a place you call home. 

Our Story

 Being candid?

MOCO was an accidental venture derived from an unfulfilled need.


As our real estate brokerage, property management, and construction businesses grew so did the need for us to create a divide between work and home; between family and insanity, you could say it was a last ditch effort to create a balance in our very unbalanced world.

Over the course of several months, a series of events unfolded and in doing further analysis, we realized we had an opportunity before us that felt silly to pass up. 

The folks with the City of Amsterdam had contacted us asking us to participate in a photo shoot promoting the many amazing small businesses here in our back yard.

They asked that we take photos to create a story in both a residential property, and a commercial property.

I immediately had a residential property in mind that I'd loved, but was stumped with a commercial. Chris suggested we scope out the old dental building at 2 Guy Park Ave. It was one that had been on his radar for quite some time, but always was a bit too high in price to rationalize taking a look at. Why not use this as an excuse?

The Tuesday morning of the photo shoot, we met the team first here at this site, and then went on to do the photo shoot at the residential property. I wasn't at all wearing my investor hat, but rather was there in the moment. Unbeknownst to me, Chris was rockin' his loud and proud. 

Later that afternoon we had an appointment to view an office space in a new commercial office building that had a couple of extra offices they were seeking to fill. It was a beautiful building. It felt right. We left that evening fully intending to move forward to sign into a lease. Until we got home.


We sat down after getting home, and I opened up my email to a notice of a rather large price reduction on the building we had seen just that morning. I turned to Chris and said you're never going to believe this, but they just dropped the price by 75k! 


"We're buying it." he replied. I dumbfoundedly looked at him and asked "what on earth are we going to do with 5000 square feet?! We don't need 5000 square feet!" 


And our wheels began to turn. Why not create, precisely what our small businesses needed, all while creating the opportunity to help other small businesses like ourselves? 


We jumped in feet first. Started doing market research. Started talking to folks we knew; discovered that there was not only a need, but a wealth of resources available in the form of grants to grow precisely what we were dreaming up!


It turned out we weren't crazy, nor were we alone! 

With the help of several individuals who went above and beyond, Mohawk CoWorks began coming to life. As with everything it's been far from a glamorous process. It's taken far longer to complete, and thanks to a wild economy and rising prices, keeping our budget on track was also a tough nut to crack. But here we are, turning the corner and preparing to share and build the community we have been dreaming up for the past year. 

As two people who thrive on connections, and gain happiness from seeing others grow, we are so excited to get to know the business community we are about to create! We encourage you to stop by, take a tour, and if you've made it this far in my novel of a story, make mention of it and I'll throw you a day pass! Cheers - to growth, happiness, and connection! <3 Deana & Chris 

Meet The Team

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